Sunday, September 6, 2009

1978 article: ST Then and Now

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From the Winter Annual special sci-fi-oriented "Rona Barrett's Hollywood" magazine, comes this article about the new movie, which was still a year away. While most of the write-ups were in the "gossip-tabloid" style, focusing on the cast friction of the various shows and such, the Trek article was pretty straight-forward with accurate facts. Not enough was known about the friction between certain cast members at the time to make for juicy gossip like we get now.

Bonus: scanned from the 1997 ST:TOS calendar.

"Well, Spock... lots of kids wet their bed when under stress. It's nothing to be ashamed of now."


jruschme said...

Interesting... Star Trek: "The Movie" instead of "The Motion Picture". Also, the picture of the Enterprise on the first page looks to be the Phase II enterprise which was baed more on the TOS model.

Frederick said...


That's true! The image is actually a photo of the backdrop that was behind the cast as they posed for the photos at the first official announcement of the movie at the press conference; which is where the pics of the cast used in the article came from. At that time, the images of the "Phase II" ship was still being used, even in the first movie poster.