Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1985 Interview with Nichelle Nichols

I'm back, after a short absence from posting, due to various mundane things taking up time from the fun stuff for a little while. From issue #30 of "SF Movieland" magazine (formerly "Enterprise Incidents" after it went mainstream), published June 1985, comes this article on the fetching Nichelle Nichols. Love that sassy pose... she is rocking that miniskirt!
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Bonus #1: an ad flyer from 1994 for a con featuring Nimoy.
Bonus #2: a publicity pic of Kirk and the shimmying (but ill-fated) belly-dancer Kara in "Wolf In The Fold." Her hootchie-kootchie dance was a memorable start to the episode, but to be fair some of the strength of the scene may have been due to the re-use of Vina's Orion Slave Girl dance music from "The Cage."

"How about dancing over here to my lap, gorgeous?"

Crossover Alert: Captain Kirk saves the day in the Cracked spoof of "Generations," to be found on "My Star Trek Scrapbook 2!"

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