Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Submerged in Star Trek:" 1986 ST 4 Article

This time we look at an article from issue #111 of Starlog, published October 1986, that spotlights the production of "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home."

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Below, from the same issue, a short writeup about the rumors surrounding a TV revival of Star Trek, which we now know was the beginning of "The Next Generation."

And lastly, from the back cover of the same issue, this ad for classic Mego Trek action figures...

As an aside, I probably would have collected these action figures had I been living in normal circumstances; but regular readers know of my repressive step-dad, for whom my Star Trek love was a continual irritant. He held it up as an example of my supposed immaturity (although he knew nothing about it), supposing anything not realistic like his westerns to be childish. So I hid the books and such that I bought, and avoided buying anything aimed at younger fans, for fear of giving him more ammunition to use in his war against me.


Anonymous said...

i love it when you do the comments about your evil Trek hating piece of crap stepfather. ive read all of them and the man sounds like a classA F***king assh**e! he waged a war against you for your love of Trek. hes lucky his stepson was so grounded as otherwise he couldve provoked you in to some norman bates type behaviour

i wish id been around then to lend a helping hand. id have administered a beatdown of such ferocity your step dad wouldve been in hospital begging you to end his excruciating pain by taking his life Papa Bones Trek V style

Frederick said...


I laughed out loud upon reading your comment! My stepdad came from such a different way of life, and mindset than I had, and coming in when I was about 6 years old, he had no idea how to connect with me, and as a result our interaction was based on his attempted domination, and my passive determination not to let him change who I was. I gave him the respect that a father should get, but he never earned it. He just never had a clue that he could have used my interests as a way to build a relationship, instead he built a wall of separation by belittling my interests and talents. I just hunkered down and stayed true to who I was, and enjoyed my freedom when I was around my own (maternal) family members. I wouldn't have wanted anyone to hurt him for my sake, but it would have been nice to have someone talk to him about it that wasn't afraid of him. too bad no-one ever did!

Anonymous said...

id have given him a talking to, right after landing several dozen extremely powerful blows to the face and torso - im talking about targeting the sensitive areas for maximum damage and pain. im a big man and doubt your POS stepdad wouldve been much of a match for me! i also happen to be a MAJOR Trek fan so the satisfaction of administering a beat down on one that hated Trek so much wouldve been intensely satisfying for me

Frederick said...

That's hilarious, it would have served him right to have someone like you for a stepson instead of meek little old me. He might not have been such a bully then! I never spoke up, just went in my room and kept to myself. Thankfully most of his later harrassment was only mental and not physical. Once I got out of grade school the whippings with the extension cords stopped.

Frederick said...

As for wanting to get back at him, I have no desire, and would never want to see him hurt on my behalf. He had some issues, and didn't understand me at all, but I have long since forgiven him (as he has passed away by now) and let it go. The reason he gets mentioned so often is that his efforts to curtail my interests did impact my young years, and are inseperable from the memories that these Trek items invoke. Thanks for the sympathetic desire to help me out, though!