Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy "Khan" Day!

June 4th, 1982 was the release date of what many feel to be the best of the Trek movies, "The Wrath Of Khan." Here is a link to view all the articles, clippings and photos on this site related to this exciting and moving film: Click here!

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Luke Biesinger said...

I think I have some memorabilia from this one, I am not a big collector but just got about 2,000 star trek toys from someone. I am wondering if I have any treasures. I am starting to post them on eBay 6/16/14. If you or anyone could throw me a bone on any special items I might have that would be awesome. I don't have them sorted very well but you can see them on my ebay store eauctionassistant or Thanks anyone.