Tuesday, March 3, 2015

James Doohan's Birthday

I've never really known how to address birthdays of the deceased. You can't really say "Happy Birthday!" as it is a wish for someone that is no longer here to do so. So I am simply saying "let's celebrate this person's life on the anniversary of their birth." James Doohan was born on March 3, 1920, and if he were still with us, he would be 95, and we would be wishing him "Happy Birthday, Jimmy!" We wish you were still with us. We celebrate your memory and contribution to Trek by a toast of a glass of something green.

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Bonus link: What happens when you combine the faces of the original cast with the faces of the new cast from the reboot? Go here and see!


Spacerguy said...

I remember that TNG episode, Relics. No bl**dy A, B, C or D. James Doohan was so great.

ProvidenceMine said...

Happy Birthday, James!

You were the best!

Your son is doing you proud on Star Trek Continues!