Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Birthday, Nichelle!

Lovely Nichelle Nichols is 83 today. We hope she has a wonderful day of love and appreciation, and that her New Year has much health and happiness. We love you, Nichelle!

Celebrate by reading some or all of the entries I have made of the past few years, right here.


Cory Lea said...

She's still gorgeous at 83.

Glad you're still with us, Ms. Nichols! Hope you continue to enjoy your life and to do what you do for a long time to come.

ProvidenceMine said...

Happy Birthday to a great lady!

Lt.Uhura of the USS Enterprise,

Acclaimed actress of the Chicago theater,

and pioneer at NASA!

Have a wonderful day and an incredible 2016!

Spacerguy said...

Nichelle is beautiful in any timeline. Happy New Year Fred.

Lakshman said...

A Person can merely enjoy two occasions relating to him/her personally.
One, is Birthday - a day in a year.
Another, is Marriage Day - A Day in a Lifetime.
Both are most precious ones, which stay memorable for a long time.

I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to Nichelle.