Thursday, June 29, 2017

Starfleet Academy movie!

From 1997 comes this "lost movie" which few fans have seen! Actually, it is cut together from game footage with new scenes filmed and added to flesh out the story. For those fans who thought they had seen the last of Captain Kirk, Sulu, and Chekov, this video is a welcome discovery. We get the added bonus of Christopher Plummer reprising his role of General Chang (and find out how he lost that eye)! I wish that Nichelle Nichols had been in it, also. It's not theatrical movie quality; not even TV-movie quality acting on the part of the cadets. But, just to see some of the old crew again... makes it worth it!


Tony Laplume said...

It's pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

wow a new post!!

this is set pre VI but could totally be Trek VII

KEV. Robertson. said...

Hi. I am certainly enjoying your site - superb effort on all posts with very interesting videos, pictures and art work -which I find inspiring- thank you Frederick. Cheers. KEV. (NSW-AUSTRALIA).