Wednesday, September 27, 2017

FM #64 Issue "Stark Trek" 1970 Article

From April 1970 Issue 64 of the venerable Famous Monsters magazine comes this early story on the show, and the bonus is some rare photos that have never really been seen since, like the one of the small copper-skinned ambassadors from "Journey To Babel" posing by the Jeffries Tube, and the closeup of the makeup of the doomed and diseased Only from "Miri."

(Click on images to enlarge. Once open, you may have to click on again to see full-size.)

FM artist Basil Gogos passed away this past week at 88. What a talent!

Bonus: Below, a clipping from a TV movie magazine from the first run of the show.

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Olde Timey Trekkie said...

Glad to see you posting again! Now I'm going to scan my own stash and send you the good stuff!