Friday, July 3, 2009

1975 article: The Star Trek Phenomenon

The article posted this time comes from Movie Monsters magazine, issue 4, published in August of 1975. Issue #1 had run a very scathing (and inaccurate) appraisal of the show, infuriating many fans (including me) and they decided to make up for it with an in-depth article written by someone not as hostile toward it. But it did run most of the same photos that every other magazine at the time was using. I mean, really.. how many times have we seen that photo of Captain Kirk in the grip of the drill thrall Shana?  Add to this the fact that most of the photo captions were wrong...

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Why the lower left photo is in this article is a mystery.

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Professor Andro said...

Wow! This article is quite an interesting one! the captions under the pics are totally wrong as only good trekkie knows; which really made me chuckle... Spock and Amanda from Babel not the second pilot! Oh and when did shahna appear in Arena? Not sure her outfit qualifies as women's lib only her job as a gladiator!!! too funny. Falling for the charm of Kirk surely is not women's lib either; but really the alpha male idea from the 60's... ( but that's what makes trek, trek and kirk so kirk!) The other caption that caused a chuckle was steve ihnat (name misspelled!!!) as the deadly alien... wasn't he captain garth (a human) in Who gods destroy?... the picture is of Kang (Michael Ansara).... hahaha... I love this article... the fun of this one is the nitpick; thanks for posting this one!!! you rock!