Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1978 "TREK" Article: Shatner Acting Critique

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Cover of Issue #10, from April 1978

"Trek: The Magazine for Star Trek Fans" was a great fan-produced effort published in the mid 70's to early 80's, that most Trekkers only know from the book compilations put out later. If that's all you know of it, believe me, you missed the best part; collecting the actual magazine issue by issue as it was put out back then in the original run. I happened upon my first issue, #4, in high school in 1976, and it was a goldmine. Printed on durable card stock paper, with color covers, awesome articles, rare photos, original artwork and more, it was the best fan publication out there, and remained that until "Enterprise Incidents" came along in the same format... and then we had two great mags to enjoy of similar quality. I picked up both mags at my source for Trek material, the comic book store "Starship Enterprises" in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. These zines account for many of my good Trek memories of those times as a youth.

Below is an article on the Great One and his acting style, which though imitated for comic effect and parodied ad nauseum, it is the reason Bill was so riveting to watch and dominated the screen. Enjoy!

"...and let us forget not the warning, 'I am not mocked,' saith the Shat."

"Not the face!"

If I were a girl I suppose I'd get all mushy and tingley looking at photos of Bill in his prime, but being a manly male, I merely recognize that he's a good-looking dude and dynamic onscreen. We guys can have our heroes, you know, without being less macho... okay? Besides, I have it too much for Uhura.

Bonus: The image used for the cover without the text.


Lene Taylor said...

Mushy? Check. Tingly? Double check! That last photo is just gorgeous. I gave JK an 8x10 from the same photo session, in which he's smiling broadly in his own charm-and-hotness way. Love these posts!redis

pinkyfantastic said...

Swooon! If any of my friends mock my love for Bill again (I'm seventeen) I'll sure know how to shut them up :) Awesome pictures!!

Iddy said...

I'm swooning as I type. The last pic made me overklempt! Thanks for sharing his "Billness"