Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Crazy" Spoof of "The Wrath of Khan"

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Featured this time is a "Crazy" magazine spoof of "The Wrath of Khan" from issue #92, published in December of 1982. Another winner of a cover by Bob Larkin, whose likenesses and accurate details never failed to delight a fan like me. And the inside spoof art is not too shabby this time, either. The last post I made with their ST:TMP story was merely a retread of old "Mad" art based on the TV show with a bit of the new movie script sprinkled in. But this time, the ships, sets, unforms and plot are represented well. It's a bit strange, though, that although the cover does give away Spock's death as a plot point, the story inside doesn't even touch on it. The last page feels rushed, in fact, as if there should have been more but they ran out of time. Anyway, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

CMX here after a long time away. Hope all is well in your world. :)

So many of the things I see posted on your blog were part of my own collection in the old days, so it's bittersweet, as in "Great to see that, but why didn't I keep mine, too?" LOL!

Family crises drag on and on at this end, but I'm almost used to it by now. Part of getting older, eh?

Keep up the good work, pal.

Frederick said...


Glad to know you're back! Aside from a once-full-time job being reduced to part-time because of the economy, everything's good! :)

And you're right about crises in the family, they used to come occasionally by bus but now they seem strung together in a train.

Jeff said...

Here is another spoof you might enjoy:

Star Trek: A Taste of Space Flu

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I'm surprised that CRAZY lasted through 1982! I never forgave them for replacing Irving Nebbish with Obnoxio the Clown. And being on an allowance back then, it just wasn't in my budget to buy a third humor magazine; heck, I often had to choose between MAD and CRACKED!

Still looking forward to your "Enterprise" comic store piece.

Frederick said...


I didn't carefor the clown, either... but I only bought any of the humor mags when they featured something on a show or movie I was interested in.

As for the S.E. post, I contacted one of the fellows that owned and ran it, and he didn't want his name or photos posted online. Since he was in all the good pictures that they had taken and given me, which I was going ot use, it kind of took the wind out of my sails on posting about it. I only have a few old bad snapshots I took myself, and they wouldn't make as interesting entry by themselves. Maybe I still will, though...