Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New "Trek" Is Full Of Fun

From the scrapbook this time comes a review of "The Wrath of Khan" from the New York Times, from June of 1982. This is a case where the reviewer was not a real fan of the original series, only a casual viewer, but still enjoyed the movie; which is a sign that it was made right. The lower insert photo was not a part of the article, only a clipping from a magazine, but it filled the space nicely under it in my scrapbook.

Below, a couple of collector's cards, 5 x 7 in size. I'll feature more from the set as I post clipping on this particular film in the series.


Nick Tierce said...

Love the article. With the general audience's fairly universal approval of TWoK, it's no suprised that Trek '09 pulled as much inspiration from it as it did.

Watching them back to back makes for a very unique experience, I've found.

Frederick said...

It's true that both succeeded because general audiences could watch and enjoy as well as hardcore fans. That's the hallmark of a good movie no matter what the source inspiration.

Jay said...

Shatner and the gang look terrific in TWOK. Everybody's still slim and vigorous, but seasoned at the same time. They made middle age look good.

Frederick said...


That's true, I wish I could pull it off now as well as they did then!