Friday, June 11, 2010

Star Trek Poster Magazine #2

From the boundless depths of the collection cabinets comes Issue #2 of the Star Trek Poster Magazine, officially known as the "Star Trek Giant Poster Book." Published October 10, 1976, this monthy magazine was the one publication I did not miss. Knowing when it was due on the drugstore magazine stand, I haunted the rack until the magazine delivery guy dropped off his shipment and was the first to get an issue from the bundle!

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Bonus: Below, the next in the series of novelizations by James Blish. Painted by the same artist that did the cover for #9, the art is so similar that it could be mistaken for the earlier edition at first look. A little lazy, it seemed to me at the time. Surely even a change in the background colors could have set it apart more.


panickyguy said...

I remember this issue! I clipped out the special effects article to display it in my first apartment a few years later. Wish I'd had your instinct for preservation.

Frederick said...

Oh, that instinct only surfaced after I got older; I am still a bit sad when I think of the half-dozen more issues of Famous Monsters I would hstill have if I had not cut them up for my scrapbook!

david_b said...

Actually, #2 was my first poster book.. I only collected the first dozen or so. I still distinctly remember picking up #3 and loving the poster, pictures, cover (Journey to Babel) the best.

I actually have #2 here with me in my small 'pod' here in Kuwait (I'm deployed..). Haven't put it up yet, was going to have it up across from my Keith Richards shrine.. But the room is REALLY small.

Anonymous said...

As a die hard trekkie and a fellow "Born in the late 50's, a kid in the 60's, a teen in the 70's", I thank you for this blog.

Ralph F said...

I had every issue of the Star Trek Poster Books up until 2005 (lost them to Katrina in New Orleans). Loved every issue, once had the "Tholian Web" one framed. Gorgeous shot. That one was lost a lot earlier, when my sister was "helping" my Dad clean out the attic while I was away at college.

tracy said...

i've got a whole bunch of these magazines, anyone interested??