Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Enquirer's Star Trek 30th Poster

This time we open the scrapbook to bring out a 30th Anniversary commemorative foldout poster from The National Enquirer, published on September 10, 1996. The accompanying article from the previous page is included below; rather than isolating the Trek material as I usually do, I left in the rest of the page's material since it's so darn amusing. I don't think Roy Rogers got his wish when he rode out into that great ranch in the sky a couple years later. (However, I would like to think he and Trigger were reunited there.)

(Click on images to enlarge.)

Next, the poster itself, which had to be scanned in four sections and pieced back together.

Bonus link: Go here for some great Star Trek artwork by Pat!


Rob Bignell said...

Actually there is more of a Roy Rogers-Star Trek connection than placement on a page of the Enquirer. At least one of Rogers' movies and "Star Trek V" included filming locations at the same spot in the weird rocks formations of the Alabama Hills west of Lone Pine, Calif. Also, Gary Lockwood, the forerunner of a new and better kind of human being before Captain Kirk had enough of that, starred with Roy Rogers in a "Fall Guy" episode during the 1980s.

david_b said...

Just visited the Next Gen Scrapbook, which is off to a WONDERFUL START. Thanks much for those early 'poses' pictures. Certainly rare, and I tried to scoop up as much Next Gen stuff printed stuff as I could back in '87.

I did have trouble trying to post a comment. It's a different set up than here, and I did click on 'subsribe' but it still didn't make a difference when I revisited it an hour later..

Not sure how to post comments, but will LOVE to, being the best part of this blog. It's probably just a 'work firewall' issue, I'll try at home tonight.

Frederick said...

Maybe that's it; I jut tried out the comments function and it did ok for me. Try again!

david_b said...

No, I'm sure everything is fine.. Just something on my end, no doubt.

Excellent site..!!!!