Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fan Club Magazine article on Nichelle Nichols

Anyone visiting here even casually is aware of my Uhura fixation; blame it on my imprinting on her at the emergence of my puberty in 1973, I guess. Anyway, here is an article on Nichelle from the April/May 1990 edition of the Official Fan Club Magazine. First, the cover of the issue, which is from one of my favorite publicity photos, which places Uhura where I felt she should have been, one of the four main characters.
(Click on images to enlarge.)

Notice that Spock is not objecting to what would be an invasion of space from anyone else.

Bonus: Below, another rare pre-Trek photo of Nichelle putting her best foot forward. Lovely, but I actually prefer her with a few more pounds on her as we saw her during the series.

Bonus: Just for fun, a couple of photoshop manips where I put Uhura in the "U.F.O." Moonbase uniforms and purple wigs... doesn't she fit in wonderfully? She's mod, baby!

Bonus: Below, from the same issue of the fan club magazine, is a one page review of the (then) latest Trek novel "The Pandora Principle."


pat said...

love that Uhura/UFO images Fred!
Here's my Uhura pin up, for your eyes only!
hope you like it

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if you and I are of similar age: Uhura and U.F.O.'s Gabrielle Drake (was that her name?) caught the eye of my hormone years, as well! Interesting you should mesh the two in what was a very good photoshop job: how 'off' those often look, eh?
Nichelle N., when all-too-seldom given the chance to contribute, always did a lot with a little. Her expressions and intonations, for example, when Kirk would get impatient and snippy with her on the bridge from time to time, would convey so much you could practically read her mind. Watch some of those with the mute on, and the impression is the same. She really had a lot of presence!

Frederick said...

Thanks so much for doing Uhura! You really captured her. Wow!

The Faustian Man said...

Great article. You really (pardon the expression) nailed her.

I think her character should have been more developed as well. I mean, if one is to say that bones is Jim's conscious,and Spock his intellect, he should have also had a feminie side as well.