Thursday, February 2, 2012

Uhura's Panties

I know, I've posted individual images from this scene before, but here are some choice shots all together in one image for your enjoyment. You can never see too much of Uhura's panties, and this was one of the most revealing scenes in the whole series! From the teaser for "The Gamesters Of Triskelion."

(Click for the full-size image! Once open, you may have to click on it again to view it full-size.)

Below, another sweet view, this time from the beginning of "Tomorrow Is Yesterday." Spock gave Uhura a wedgie as he somewhat brusquely helps her to her feet after they were tossed about by the accidental slingshot effect. From this shot it appears that Nichelle wore actual white panties under the uniform ones. A cheeky shot, for sure!

(Click for the full-size image!)What would have really happened if the '09 film events took place in TOS:
"I had to nerve pinch her. She tried to kiss me in the turbolift!"

UPDATE: just to keep these all on the same page, here are some more photos that I posted more recently, of Uhura showing more cheek than usual from "Balance of Terror."


-Warren Zoell said...

Who I always thought was hot was Marianna Hill from "Dagger of the Mind".

Frederick said...

Shw was a babe, I agree!

Peter said...

How did Late 60's BS&P not notice this?