Monday, September 30, 2013

1980 Interview with Gene Roddenberry

From issue #40 of Starlog, published in November of 1980, comes this interview with the Great Bird about the Star Trek: the Motion Picture, in which he looks back on what it turned out to be. The points he makes about the differences between a movie and a TV show are still valid when applied to the recent movies by JJ Abrams. Great pic of Gene in the Captain's chair!

(Click on images to enlarge. Once open you may have to click on the image again to view full size.) 

Bonus: below, "Men In Tights,"  a b&w production shot of Kirk and Charlie Evans about to wrestle in the gym. When watching this scene, it might seem like Kirk is bullying him, but he is just trying to teach him social interaction skills and how to take competition without getting angry. Charlie fails to learn the lesson.

Bonus: Another page from one of the coloring books that were put out to tie-in with ST:TMP, but seemed to be recycled material from earlier TOS versions. Can you figure out what they are looking at?


Rob Bignell said...

My son loved the coloring book connect-the-fots. Thanks for helping the next generation "boldy go"!

Frederick said...

Glad he enjoyed it, I will have to post more of the puzzles and mazes from that coloring book!

Frederick said...

As well as some from the old Star Trek Puzzle Book...