Tuesday, October 8, 2013

25th Anniversary articles from the Official Fan Club Magazine

Wow, Star Trek's 25th anniversary doesn't seem like it was so long ago when I remember it. It was in 1991, and this issue of the Official Fan Club Magazine covers it with an article on the stars titled "Star Trek: Past, Present And Future." The inside cover has a couple of interesting behind-the-scenes images from the filming of "The Cage."  The cover, by artist Keith Birdsong, portrays the good captain, along with some unnamed (and villainous-looking) bald guy in the background.

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Below: From the same issue, a first look at "The Undiscovered Country."

Bonus: below, an ad from the back of Starlog for one of my favorite plate paintings, celebrating the 25th Anniversary.
Bonus: below, an unusual (and very smug) photo of Captain Kirk, who presumably just completed successful first contact with the Deltan ambassador.
"It's true... bald IS beautiful!"


Anonymous said...

i know what you mean when you say the 25th dosnt seem that long ago AT ALL! i remember picking up that issue of TOFC magazine (along with other celebratory magazines at the time - silver covered Starlog 25th, plus also the Trek VI movie mag and all the Trek VI stuff like the comic, novel, making of book etc) and it really dosnt feel that long ago.

damn - i wish i could back back to that time and live it all again armed with the knowledge and the memories of the next 22 years. i would be unstoppable and would make damn certain i was in a better spot in the future than i am in now! id still visit the comic stores and pick up all the trek stuff i wanted though LOL

Anonymous said...

Btw I use to love getting the occasional issue of TOFC mag and reading all the latest news about Trek VI in the little box marked [Trek VI update] - the rumours of it being Starfleet Academy…then long wait of 2 months….No its going to be another with the original cast…with Nicholas Meyer directing again! (how awesome was that news!!

When it changed into the thicker Communicator it wasn’t as good imo. I much preferred the thin TOFC mag - there was just something special about it. in fact today every now and then on eBay I buy one I either lost or a one I never got back then

Frederick said...

I know what you mean about the digest sized Fan Club magazine. Although smaller, it had more material. After going to the magazine size, most of it was devoted to ads so it was basically a glorified merchandise catalog. I like catalogs, but not paying for them! :)

I too was relieved when they dropped the idea of the Starfleet Academy and went with the crew on the ship.

Anonymous said...

i guess they couldve done SFA back in 91 if theyd had Harve Bennett direct it (as he wanted to) with a new cast (and Shatner/Nimoy wrap around cameos) - released it May or June 91 and called it Star Trek:Starfleet Academy....and still done Trek VI TUC for xmas with the original cast (although technically it would be Trek VII)

so itd have been like The Matrix 2/3 - a one/two movie deal the same year for the 25th anniversary.

i dunno maybe it couldve been done..?

Anonymous said...

"some unnamed (and villainous-looking) bald guy in the background" LOL

ps great site -- I visit since long but never took the time to post or write - I should have. kudos and thanks

Frederick said...

Thanks for finally leaving your mark on the wall, as it were! Glad to know you are here and enjoying it!