Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gerald Fried Plays His Own TOS Medley

The musical scores of Gerald Fried written for classic Trek episodes continue to echo in the hearts and minds of Trek fans with a deep resonance and bring to the face a smile. Here is footage made by Larry Nemecek of the composer playing a medley of his most memorable scores, recorded on December 3, 2012 during a special launch party for LaLa Land Records' incredible 15-disc original Star Trek complete soundtrack box set.

Bonus: Below, some screen captures from the episode "The Tholian Web" of Uhura in sickbay. No reason for posting these given; for Uhura/Nichelle fans like me, none is needed!

(Click on each image to view full size; once the window opens,
you may need to click the image again to enlarge.)


Joe from Malvern said...

I love it! As a fellow reed man myself, Fried's got great chops especially for 82 years in the biz.

You know, I've often wondered at his choice for lead on his melodies and know we know -- it's his horn and what a gerat choice is was. An iconic sound for a much underused horn in the pop-music business. Way to go!

Frederick said...


thanks for commenting! And it's amazing how selections from the scores for a TV show from over 45 years ago can continue to be appreciated and bring a smile to the face!