Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"The Wrath Of Khan" Behind The Scenes Article

From issue #16 of Enterprise Incidents (published April of 1984), edited by superfan James Van Hise, comes this behind-the-scenes article on the first sequel. The photos are great, but the really interesting part is the text with the information from the director Nick Meyers!

 (Click on images to enlarge; once open, you may have to click again to magnify.)

The woman in the top photo of the page above seems to be thinking the herself "Wow, what awesome pecs!" Meyer confirms they are real in the article.

Below, two pages of technical drawings of the Enterprise from the same issue, focusing more on the detailing of the model than the parts of the ship.

Bonus #1: Below, the best color photo I've seen of Khan's child that was cut from the film. There is another photo of him in this article I posted earlier about TWOK and Nick Meyer.
Bonus #2: Shatner raiding the fridge while shooting the series!
"Welcome to my Dressing Trailer! Care for some sherry before I show you the 'Captain's Log?'"

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