Monday, May 4, 2015

Goodbye, Grace....

And, so close on the heels of losing Leonard, we now say goodbye to another Trek crewmember, Grace Lee Whitney. She passed on May 1st, one month after her 85th birthday. (Read an official announcement article here.) You can find out more about her work and life here; you may be surprised how many other roles she had outside of Trek.)

Initially planned to be a larger part of the show (as evidenced in the publicity photos where she was featured prominently with Shatner and Nimoy), the producers quickly realized that her character put a damper on the romantic dalliances of the Captain and put her in less and less shows. Grace's short and turbulent time as part of the show came to an end when she was unceremoniously let go during the first season (they could have at least written her out in a dramatic way, instead of not addressing it at all). The slide into depression, alchoholism and other kinds of addictions dragged her into a downward spiral that she struggled with for many years. She credited Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelly with helping her get work and help, and she openly professed that turning to Christ gave her strength to change her life. This didn't make her an angel; she was a flawed individual with issues still to be worked out, as all of us who know the Lord are. But it is only through the unmerited favor of God through Christ (which is known as grace) that any of us can find deliverance and peace.

As a believer also, I know that she is now beyond any struggles and is with Him forever. We won't forget you, Grace, and your life touched many people who are also struggling with similar troubles. Your short time on Trek made a big impact on the viewers, and you had many devoted fans who will miss you. Godspeed!

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 Below, a couple of photos of Nimoy and Whitney having some fun on set. The top is a rare photo with Nimoy and Whitney having some fun behind the scenes. And in the next one, Rand seems to be teasing Spock about his ears! She is showing the same fascination with them that many women did. And note in the bottom photo (from the filming of "The Undiscovered Country") how close Leonard's pose is to the one above it!

"Did anyone ever tell you how sexy your ears are, Mr. Spock?"

We miss them both.

Bonus link: Fellow blogger ProvidenceMine has posted her personal tribute to Grace. Read it here.


ProvidenceMine said...

I just heard the news myself! I myself have a blog of fan fiction that centers around the character of Janice Rand, and I know that I have to write something on her passing-damn it-I wan't to! But I just don't know what to say yet, I'm still at a loss.

I was always impressed this woman-she was remarkable! She could have been dead at 40, but not only did she pull herself out of her personal abyss, but she thrived! Hell, she was 85 when she died!

I will always consider this woman a pillar in life and a jewel as Janice Rand.

That's all I have to say here. I really need to sit down and think of a goodbye that is real fitting for this extraordinary woman.

Thank you for this post.

Frederick said...

thanks for commenting. I myself flet inadequate to write anything truly worthy, so it is up to the rest of her fans to commemorate her in their own ways and words. Please link me to what you write when you are ready to post it.
I can't even imagine how I'll feel when we hear this news on Nichelle.

Ultrawoman said...

I'm sorry to hear this. I saw it in my news feeds last night. It seems like yesterday you posted it was her birthday.

ProvidenceMine said...

Hey, Frederick!

My tribute is here.

I hope it's up to speed.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

Patrick J said...

Frederick, one correction - The more recent photo is from "Star Trek VI", not "IV". The background schematic is from the Excelsior bridge, where Rand served. Also, Grace Lee Whitney's hair style is the longer one she wore in "VI". And yes, we do miss them both.

Frederick said...

Patrick, thanks for catching that! I saw it captioned correctly on another site and was coming in to edit it, when I saw your comment pending, which was pointing it out as well! Now corrected.