Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Robert Fletcher Interview

When "The Wrath of Khan" director Nick Meyer wanted a more nautical look and feel on the ship, he started with a dramatic (and to many, a welcome) redesign of the uniforms. Often, if a director on a sequel doesn't like some aspect of the design on the previous movie, he hires another person to come in and do what he wants. Fortunately, instead of going to someone else Meyer asked ST:TMP Costume Designer Robert Fletcher to return. Here is an interview with Fletcher from the pages of Enterprise Incidents (the news stand edition as opposed to the earlier fanzine version), issue #18, published June, 1984

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Bonus photos: Leonard Nimoy in a very early 1967 promotional appearance in costume and makeup at a parade. He never appeared in public in character again. Here is a link to an article about it.


Warren Zoell said...

Ever see this?

Frederick said...

I have seen the photo before, it's pure awesomeness!