Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Monster Times Star Trek Special #2: Part One

In 1974, while perusing the latest issue of The Monster Times I had just picked up, I saw an advertisement for both the Sci-Fi Special (in magazine format) and the newspaper format Star Trek Special #2. Since my grandmother's house was a haven where I could be myself and read what I wanted, and where I stored my collection of magazines and comics to keep them safe from my stepdad, I ordered both and had them delivered to her house. A few weeks later when I visited again, they had arrived and were waiting for me! It was an exciting afternoon and evening, I can tell you that, as I soaked in all the great stuff contained therein.

Below you will find scans of the issue's first half, with the second half coming soon.

(Click on each image to enlarge. Once open, you may have to click again to view full size.)

Bonus: If you fondly remember TMT, join a new Facebook group I have created dedicated solely to this fantastic publication!


-3- said...

Wow - I had forgotten that this existed. Not just this special issue (and the previous Trek special), but The Monster Times itself had dropped through one of the holes in my memory.

But how is it that De Kelly comes across sexier than James T. Kirk in the pin-up pages?

I know there's a bunch of them hiding in the back of the cave somewhere. Now i'm going to have to go hunting. Thanks for the very cool reminder.
(But sorry - Hermits don't do facebook)

Mark Alfred said...

Welcome back, Frederick! I sent you a well-wishing email a couple of weeks ago. Glad you are back!

Mark Alfred said...

Welcome back, young man! I was hoping you were well.