Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Run Candid Pics

Posting is at a Denebian Slime Devil's pace during the busy month of December, but here are a few scans of some candid photos snapped during the show's first run. They are from the TV/Movie fan mags out at the time, but in clipping them I neglected to keep the magazine name anywhere. It just wasn't important to me then.


Jay said...

I've been consuming your blog over the last week or so and I really appreciate the time you take in sharing all this great old material you've gathered over the years. You could have just kept it to yourself, but its nice that you're offering everyone a look. Having kind of grown up in the 80s with primarily the Star Trek movies first, its a treat to see all this material from the '70s when the fans ruled. A lot of the material I have dim memories of seeing but not really understanding due to my age, so is a lot of fun to see it again as an adult and find out what some of it actually was. Thanks for your effort!

Frederick said...


I'm glad you are enjoying it, and thanks for the comments! So few leave any...

But it is fun going through stuff I've not looked at in years, to scan and post. I'm reacquainting myself with so much of my past!