Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1978 UFO Report Magazine article

This article came from the magazine UFO REPORT, in the summer of 1978, and was published before the movie had begun filming, in pre-production. The still above, from the inside cover, was a seldom-seen overhead shot of the three-foot model (not the 11-foot filming model), a welcome change from the usual publicity photos of the ship.

An extra from the scrapbook: a still from the press kit for the movie. I like this one, with the cast and crew all smiles, except for Nimoy, in character as always.


Tallguy said...

Hi. Love your blog.

I think your statement about the top photo being the 3 footer is incorrect. Two big giveaways are the weathering and the running lights. But it is an unusual shot of the 11 footer. Gorgeous.

Frederick said...


Thanks for commenting, and you may very well be right! It is beautiful, I agree.