Sunday, February 22, 2009

1980 FM article on ST:TMP

It's interesting the Ray Bradbury's comments about editing were right on the money, and although the article writer thought we'd never see such an edit, we actually did have the opportunity nearly 25 years later, in the special edition DVD. Robert Wise came back and re-edited it, sound effects were added, and the effects essentially finished. The result is a tighter, more satisfying version than we saw all those years ago on the big screen.

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Jay said...

That's some good stuff. Few things pleased me as a kid as much as finding a new issue of Famous Monsters in the magazine rack of the grocery store on Friday night while my Mom did the shopping.

Mike Minor contributed some great stuff to Star Trek, as far back as the third season of the original show, I think. He died way too young. Great reading that interview.