Friday, February 13, 2009

And the reviews start coming in...

Well, the movie finally premiered, and not all of the reviews were kind. Those who were indifferent to TOS pretty much panned it, those that loved the series were a bit kinder but still saw the problems. It was a box office success, if not a critical one, and did pave the way for the sequels. Scenes like the extended Enterprise fly-by, which was listed as a problem, were to Trekkers like me just icing on the cake. Critics who didn't have the love like we did just didn't get it.

Of course, some of the problems pointed out at the time were corrected by the Director's Cut DVD released a couple of years ago, and is the version I now watch when I get the urge. I saw the movie, back then as well as now, almost like a returning loved one that had been missing for a decade... sure, they've changed, and some things about them you don't like, but you overlook the faults, just glad to have them back. And by the time 1982 and "The Wrath of Khan" rolled around, Trek was in top form again. The excitement we fans felt at the time could hardly be dampened by the problems with the movie... Star Trek was back! That was all that mattered at the time.

Below is another press kit photo from the old scrapbook.

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