Friday, July 10, 2009

ST:TMP Comes To TV

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These pages were clipped from the February 20th, 1983 edition of TV Guide. The "Close Up" mini-review below was actually very kind considering the savaging it took from a lot of theatrical critics. But on returning to its TV roots, Star Trek found its reception somewhat warmer.

Below, from 1996, a TV Guide ad for "A Captain's Log" special about the series. I have that on VHS tape somewhere.

TV's actual first interracial kiss somehow snuck past the censors.

Spock had the distinct impression that something was going on behind his back, but he couldn't quite place his finger on it.
And yet, there seemed to be a strange scent wafting in the air around him.
Uhura, feeling all tingly, couldn't understand how the Vulcan could turn that sweet thing down.

Happily, Pike discovered that he didn't have to make a choice between the two of them after all.


chunky B said...

Woah, is that Nurse Chapel? If so, check one Star Trek Fantasy off the list of things I thought I would never see in my life!

Frederick said...


That is indeed Nurse Chapel! From "What Are Little Girls Madew Of." The context is pretty tame, as Uhura hugs and exchanges a peck as Christine leaves, but the photos really look more interesting! Especially that "afterglow" pose of Uhura's!

Look back at my recent post with the Leaf card, with Ruk and Kirk in a compromising postion to see more from that episode I just updated it with.

chunky B said...

Wow, now I need to go re watch that episode, how could I miss that, now I feel stupid, LOL.

Jay said...

That little bit of background business is a beautiful example of cinematic storytelling: showing instead of telling. In that brief exchange and without a word of dialogue, we learn that Uhura and Chapel are friends, close enough for Christine at least to have shared her heartaches, and that Uhura is a person with a great deal of empathy who isn't at all uncomfortable demonstrating that.

chunky B said...

Well put Jay.

Frederick said...

I second that chunky, that was a good example of many bits of background business like that in the first seasons that sold you on the fact that these were real people on a real ship. And Nichelle was good about her reactions in the background that added to the scenes.

Anonymous said...

ABC paid $15 million for the TV rights to "ST-TMP"; the deal was cut while the movie was still in production. A huge sum; this allowed for two runs of the movie, but not before December of 1982. Its first run was February 20, 1983 (as noted) and its second run was in March of 1987. ABC ran the film a third time (for which I assume they had to pay more) in the summer of 1979, no doubt to tie in with the then-current theatrical release of "Star Trek V".