Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1995 article: Nimoy Closes Book on Trek Myths

From USA Today, Oct. 23, 1995, comes this article on Nimoy, as he is promoting his new book, "I Am Spock." Aware that the title of his first book, "I Am Not Spock," was unfortunate, he attempts to set the record straight about how he feels concerning his Vulcan alter-ego.

Bonus: Below is a 1985 review of the "new" Star Trek 3 videotape release, from "Video Review" magazine. Buying movies was getting a little more affordable by then; this one was released for "only" $29.95.

Bonus: a rare 1991 Enterprise hologram card, the only one I found in any of the packages. The image appeared surprisingly clear in the scan.

And below, the back of the card. I'd like to know what this is worth, should I sell it.

Bonus: another Bloom County strip with the gang engaging in a little role-playing. But everyone must play by the rules or it's not as much fun!


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Was I AM SPOCK a total rewrite of the previous book or did it only include added text in addition to what was from before?

Frederick said...


I have both of them, and it seems that they are two different books entirely. He does revisit some of the same events, but more from the perspective of being over 20 years older, with a lot about what had happened since the TV show.