Friday, April 16, 2010

Enquirer Star Trek 6 Preview

Warning: if you haven't seen "Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country," DON'T read this sneak preview by The Enquirer. At least, that's how the first sentence should have read in the fall 1991 article, because they don't just preview it; they give away every single plot point in the entire blamed film! By blabbing the whole story, they ruined any potential surprises for a lot of fans who read the article. Typical, but this was really one of the worst examples of spoilerage just for the sake of sensationalism. Nice photos, though. One plot point they got wrong was that Spock falls in love; Valeris was not a love interest, only a trusted protege.

(Click on images to enlarge.)

Below is a newspaper ad for the movie that I clipped from the Friday, Dec. 6th, 1991 edition of the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. This movie premiered only one day before the first Trek movie did, Dec. 7th, back in 1979 (reposted from my other blog "Held Over!").

Below is an interesting Trek-themed ad for the sound system in one of the theaters showing the new movie. Apparently Vulcans (or merely fans in rubber pointed ears) are accomodated in this theater. The shape of the ear is all wrong, however.

Bonus: Below are a couple of pages I got in a newsletter/catalog from Dage Co., (run by Tribbles author David Gerrold) during the summer of 1974. Interesting article by David about the efforts to revive the series, and already you could see the seeds of what would become "The Next Generation" being planted.

Bonus #2: a 1976 ad flyer for some high-class UV-reactive posters on black velvet, "suitable for framing." Anyone out there get any of these?

I'm alone for a few weeks, maybe more, as my wife is out of state visiting her sick mother. So, with not much to do, I've been enjoying this afternoon by taking my magazines out of the cabinets and organizing then better. Here's how it looks right now, and that's not even all of them yet, I still have the third cabinet to get them out of. Here's another pic, closer up, so you can see some of the covers better. It was taken from the same angle, only closer, but I flipped the photo so you can see them without craning your head around. It does make you dizzy to look at anyway, though.


Anonymous said...

Although I dont remember where i got it from I have the Kirk poster.

Anonymous said...

When I received my copies of the Dage flyers (yes, I still have them in my own scrap book), it made me feel like I was part of a movement--I was 11 years old and I did as it said-- I wrote my letters. The World of ST, The Trouble with Tribbles, and the Making of ST were like scripture.
I have been visiting your site frequently these last few weeks,
Although I have many of the books periodicalsand records from the
70s, I am loving the site. Like you, I loved the Meco record from the Movie, but my 8 track of Inside ST, broke in the 1980s.-- LONG LIVE STAR TREK!

Frederick said...

Thanks for commenting and visiting! Glad you are enjoying coming here and sharing the memories. Those three books you mentioned made my life at the time much more exciting and I have such good memories of the joy they brought me.

Will Wright III said...

I saw Star Trek VI @ The AMC Coral Ridge in their THX certified auditorium that year. I would later go on to work there until I joined IATSE as a certified Projectionist in 1994/5. Thanks for posting this newspaper clipping !

Frederick said...

Will, thanks for commenting. That's cool that you went to work there, I always thought that would be a dream job (not the least of which would be getting all the promotional material that they were throwing away)! Do you remember passing the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church on Federal Hwy? The big tall white church with the really high steeple and water fountains in front? I worked there.