Thursday, April 29, 2010

ST 5: The Final Frontier review

Coming out of the scrapbook this time is this June 10th, 1989 article from a Beckley, WV newspaper. "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" is the one film in the series of original-cast movies that I was embarrassed for anyone else to see, or for reviewers to review. I apologised to my wife after we left the theater, and I pretty much gave up on seeing another good Trek movie, turning my attention to the then-new Next Generation show. Fortunately, it was not the last, and we got one more good one from the crew before they retired to Starfleet's nursing home. This would have been a poor way to end the films; a low warp factor indeed.
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Bonus: below is another from the set of Star Trek greeting cards put out in 1976 from Random House. (See all I've posted by using the "Greeting Card" tag on the right sidebar.)

Below, the inside of the card with a "button" you could punch out and hang on your shirt, if you didn't mind being punched out for it also.

Bonus: Below is another of the wackily-captioned 1967 Leaf bubblegum cards, which never saw widespread distribution.

Shatner's head never thought he'd end up as a gag on Futurama.

Another bonus: (aren't I nice?) Below is another of the fine cards in the Skybox Masterpiece series, all of which are painted scenes. Lovely and patriotic!

And below, the back of the card.


Alex Johnson said...

"I apologized to my wife after we left the theater." LOL

Anonymous said...

That review of "Final Frontier" isn't nearly as bad as it could have been. It seemed pretty kind to me. I too apologized to my friend for going with me to see STV. (It was my choice.) I actually think STVI is slightly overrated because it was such a big improvement on V.

Frederick said...

You're right, that review was actually kinder than the one posted last time of ST6. You could tell that one liked Trek and the other hated it, and rated the movies accordingly.

You kind of felt that this reviewer hated to say the things he had to in order to review it accurately, that he felt sorry for it!

Budd said...

That card is hilarious.