Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1975 Convention Flyer

From the scrapbook comes another of the mini-con flyers that I enjoyed receiving in the mail when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL during the mid-70's. That was as close as I ever got to the cons; of course I didn't get to go, even though I was the perfect age to enjoy them, 16 to 17. (Regular readers know why. For those new to the blog, here's a clue.) I saved every one of these and put them in the old scrapbook pages for perservation. The con organizer was none other than James Van Hise, editor and publisher of the awesome fanzine Enterprise Incidents.

(Click on images to enlarge.)

Star Trek's direct ancestor and one of my all-time favorite sci-fi movies! Read another of my blog entries on this influential film here.

To find more of these convention brochures now or in the future after more are posted, use the "con brochures" tag on the sidebar.

Bonus: Below, some publicity pics of Fred Phillips and Nimoy during one of the makeup sessions preparing him for a day's filming.


Anonymous said...

Can't remember if I asked you about this. Have you ever run across any of the Star Trek coverage in teen magazines like Tiger Beat, 16 Spec, Fave or Flip? There was a great article in one of them, "Spock--Teenage Outcast!" talking about Spock being a reject among his peers because he was part human, leading to his becoming an overachiever to make up for it. Had to be fall or winter of '68.

Frederick said...

Thanks for the comment! My personal clippings don't go back that far in very many cases, unless I found a copy of the magazine in later years. But check out the link on the sidebar with other blogs, one titled "Star Trek Clippings," they have quite a few of the older ones like that.


Bluejay Young said...

WELL, at last I've FOUND the magazine in question! "Spock: Teenage Outcast" appeared in the May 1968 issue of FAVE. When I get my hands on it, I will photocopy that section ... I'd like you to have it here. How do I contact you to send it?

Frederick said...

Glad you found it, I'd love to see it. Can you scan it in and send a jpg of it?

Bluejay said...

I will scan it as soon as it arrives, and send it to the email address on your profile. This is one not to miss.