Friday, July 30, 2010

1977 article: "I Am Still Not Spock"

From issue #5 of "All About Star Trek Fan Clubs" magazine, published in October of 1977, comes a number of articles. First, the cover; a nice painting of the Russion whiz kid, Chenko... Chirpoff... er, Chekov, Pavel Andreievich.
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"Dees is my head, da; but painted on Keptin Kirrk's body."
The first article featured this time is one about Nimoy's continuing promotion of his autobiography, "I Am Not Spock." As we all know, he would give in to inevitability about 20 years later and write a followup called "I Am Spock;" which might as well have been titled "Alright Already, 'I AM Spock!' Happy Now? Sheesh!"

Next, from the same issue, comes this writeup on one fan's close encounter with Bill Shatner who is wearing a really loud shirt. Fortunately, his charisma and force of personality dominate it into submission, but it was a real fight for supremacy. If this girl Janet Haan is on Facebook or something she is probably going to want to kill me for posting this! But, I hope not. If you're out there, Janet, comment and let us know!

Somewhere in New Jersey a family discovers that their couch cover has gone missing.

And lastly, a photo album of Walter Koenig that includes one of him naked, which I know many of you have been wishing to see. Walter is the Woody Allen of the TOS cast, and with that photo it's easy to see he's always been that way... worried and a bit insecure; am I right? When your main characteristics as an actor on the show are a bad accent and the tendency to scream often, it's no wonder one might develop a bit of a inferiority complex.

Stop that or you'll go blind, Walter.

"I'm worried that people will confuse me wth Davy Jones of the Monkees."

If you want to see more articles from other issues of this magazine, use the "ST Fan Clubs Mag" tag on the sidebar! If Starlog was steak and potatoes, this publication was a greasy cheeseburger and fries... but still good when you're hungry like we were back then!


david_b said...

Funny as this might sound.. I actually LIKED the original wig. It made him stand out a bit more in scenes, but in a good way. It gave Walter more of a distinctive look, much like George and Jimmy had.

Jeez, I remember when the actors were all so young. I got to see both George and Walter in Milwaukee back in '78 and it was simply heaven.

The 4th Doctor said...

I always thought Shatner should have written a book at that time too entitled "I am Not Spock Either."

Ron Albanese said...

As a Shat-Nut, it's beyond cool to see this stuff.

Bill seems kind of undecided about Trek during this time, like it made him, and broke him ...

... but anyway, I love the look he had, too.

And I agree with the poster who said Shatner should have done a book back then!