Friday, August 13, 2010

Enterprise in the Smithsonian 1977 article

From Issue #2 of "All About Star Trek Fan Clubs," published in April of 1977, comes this article on the display of the original 6 foot filming model of the Enterprise in the respected Smithsonian Institution. Although the few photos of the model are limited to the last two pages (the rest of the 6-page feature basically a tour of the museum leading up to the ship), it is still a nice look at how it was displayed at the time. Note that this was before the controversial (among fans) repainting.
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Bonus: below, yet another of the 1967 Leaf bubblegum cards. Spock looks uncharacteristically alamed while McCoy seems pretty calm about being in such a cold environment with no protection.

"Great Surak! This poor soul has been frozen solid, Doc!"


JM's Enterprise said...

Last time I saw the grand old ship she was in a glass booth behind the registers in the gift shop. And the worst part was she was not for sale! I would have given her a place of honor in my living room!!

Frederick said...


Wouldn't we all!

The Weary Professor said...

Thanks for posting this, Frederick. Your comment about the controversial model repaint explained a lot. My family and I visited the Air & Space Museum last summer and the first thing I did was look for the Enterprise, which we had previously seen in 1999. It was no longer hanging in the original spot, and the model in the lower level of the gift shop was painted so poorly that I doubted it was even the same one, which I had photographed in some detail on our previous visit. It really is a travesty.

DesiluTrek said...

At this point the alleged "restoration" of the model is almost 20 years old, done for the 25th anniversary special hall. It's time for a new one that does it right, finally. Get rid of all that "weathering" and the heavy gridlines!

Thanks for the great post. Now I need to find the Instamatic shots of the ship from my visit in 1976!