Friday, August 28, 2009

The Man Who Saved Star Trek

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This article was scanned from the pages of a 1982 issue of "StarBlazer," a lower-rung magazine that was grouped in with the near-tabloid quality of such mags as "Star Warp," "Space Wars," "Star Encounters," and many others. During the 70's and 80's, one might see a over a dozen or so mags from the same company on the stand and not know it. Publishing mogul Myron Fass and son published a wide range of pulp exploitation mags in various genres, including soft-core porn (read a page about him, but be warned, NSFW since covers are shown).

Being the collectorI was of any kind of magazine about Trek and SF, I of course bought many of them, even then knowing they were trashy. But, occasionally an article would rise above sensationalism and made-up stories, like this interview with Nicholas Meyers. Illustrated with many awesome behind-the-scenes photos, it read more like an article from Starlog. The sloppily mis-matched photo captions -a seeming trademark of these publications- still plagued the layout, though.

Below: Did you catch this photo in the article? I'm betting not many fans know about this cut plot point of Khan's baby son; did you? There had to be other scenes; since I doubt that the baby shows up only in the last seconds to crawl on the platform with the activated Genesis device.

"No, Leonard, I don't think giving Kirstie a line about Spock's "Vulcan endowment" is a good idea... sorry."

Below, one of the earliest articles announcing the new film, clipped from a Beckley, WV newspaper on March 18, 1982. This was the first look I and many others had of the new uniforms and I loved them!


DennyW said...

Khan had a baby son? WTF?

Rick Lucey said...

Wow the cut scene with Khan's son that is the first I ever heard about this and I thought I knew everything about this film.;) I also was one of those types that bought many of those trashy Scifi mags along with FAMOUS MONSTERS and STARLOG.;) Seems like a lifetime ago since I bought any scifi magazine. Of course with the Internet there is really no need.