Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DC 25th Anniversary Comic Issue

Today we look at the cover and inside bonus material from the 25th Anniversary issue of DC comic's Star Trek comic. The 25th Anniversary of Trek in 1991 yielded a lot of material for fans, and the text and art tributes by various writers and artists in this comic are nice. Enjoy the ones I have picked to share! First the nicely-done cover art, illustrating the interior story which concerns Harry Mudd. The story art is extremely well done, also.

(Click on images to enlarge.)

Next, below are two pages with tributes by Chris Claremont, award-winning comic book writer and novelist; and author Michael Jan Friedman.

Claremont wondered about a new show 20 years hence from 1991... but it didn't take that long to see another show based on Star Trek!

Next we have reflections by fan favorite author Peter David, and writer Howard Weinstein, who penned an animated series script, "The Pirates Of Orion."

And below we see some of the special art in the back of the comic by various artists.


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I always liked the Mike W. Barr run on the book in 1984-85 or thereabouts, with the Mirror Universe saga being the obvious highlight. Great times...

Rob Bignell said...

The Peter David article certainly captured a lot of the feelings many of us had in the 1970s. But the party that's really to blame for saving "Star Trek" are all of the independent television stations in the early 1970s that realized the demographics for "Star Trek" was a gold (or even a dilithium crystal) mine, if the show aired during a time when that demographic group could watch it. Though only a preschooler in the 1960s, I remember watching many prime time shows ("Bewitched," "Andy Griffith," "Gomer Pyle") with my parents, but I don't recall seeing "Star Trek" at all until it went into syndication locally in 1970-1.

pat said...

These are beautiful Fred, thanks!
DC published the best Trek comics in my opinion.