Friday, January 7, 2011

Kelly Freas McCoy Portrait

Today we continue posting the set of paintings by Kelly Freas, which I acquired from Lincoln Enterprises in 1976. So far, we've seen the somewhat familiar Kirk and Spock, and today we see the portrait of everyone's favorite grumpy but lovable country doctor, Leonard McCoy.
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"Three guesses where this probe is going?"

Below, we take a closer look at the good doctor's face, and in this case I have no criticism; Freas perfectly captured DeForest Kelly's features. If the artist was working from recent photos of the cast rather than production pictures, as some commenters on previous posts mentioned, then DeForest had changed the least of the three main stars. Here we see only a few more creases, but the expression is pure McCoy, which shows that Freas certainly could depict accurate faces with no trouble. Using a sickbay wall panel as a background, and giving him a (fairly generic) medical instrument, adds some visual interest as well. All around, an excellent part of the set, and a beautiful painting on its own.

"I only peek in the line of duty. Now, get undressed, Nyota."

Bonus: (retroactively added on 1-14-10) Here is the DeForest Kelly salute from Starlog issue #112 (October 1986) which was the Trek 20th Anniversary edition.

By coincidence, this photo of McCoy perfectly matches the position of his head in the painting.

Bonus: Below, the cover of the "Wrath of Khan" paperback adaptation, published in July of 1982. After the "leisurely" pace of the previous movie, I (and many fans) were ready for some action, and by George, we knew from the moment we heard the title that we were likely to get it. The return of Khan! I was super excited, and picked up the novelization a few days before the movie came out. As I usually did in such cases, I read about 75 percent of it before stopping, in order to preserve any surprises that the ending of the movies brought. I was glad I did, when I saw the movie. Although the cover art is uncredited, it shows all the earmarks of a Bob Larkin painting, so that's my best guess. Anyone know for sure? Update: Two commenters think it's by Boris Vallejo, so it probably is. He did some great covers also. When I find out for sure, I'll post it!

"Spock, don't look now, but I think we're being followed."

Next: Another painting in the set; and if you say one word about what he's wearing, you could get kilt by this manly bearded swordsman.


Rob Bignell said...

I'd say you're right, Frederick, the McCoy painting is among those that best captures the character during the 1960s run. So far, of those shown, Kirk gets the lowest marks. But Shatner of the mid 1970s - and I just watched him in a spring 1974 "Six Million Dollar Man" episode on the new DVD set - doesn't look very captainly.

daehl said...

I always assumed that cover was by Boris Vallejo. It sure looks like it to me, but it's not listed on his web site as one of the many Star Trek book covers he did create. Still, that would be my bet. And if it's not Boris, it sure is someone trying to copy his style.

Spacerguy said...

My 1988 star trek TWOK novel is a first edition by Titan Books. I recall the fun memories... I stayed up for hours reading Khan which was a regular activity for me in my earlier bookworm days. I have to agree with you Fred, this book is laced with such wondrous, graphic details, it make my trekkie heart beat faster reading it.

Rocky WonderPug said...

Its Boris Vallejo. The super-wrinkly Spock is a dead giveaway.