Tuesday, January 4, 2011

USA Today Articles on ST VI

From the Friday, December 6, 1991 edition of USA Today comes this nice article and positive movie review of "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country." It seemed fitting that the last original crew movie would premiere so close to the date of the first movie, "The Motion Picture" which came out in 1979 on Dec. 7th.

First, the review, which was highest up on the USA Today "Life" page...

(Click on images to enlarge.)
And second, the article, which was right under the review. I split the picture and the text so that both would be bigger in the scan.
The second part of the article, however, was long... almost from the top of the page to the bottom. I had to scan it in two sections and put them together in one image. Sorry for the smallish text, but it couldn't be split up or it would separate some lines of text. As usual, Shatner sounds the most clueless of the cast, with his odd "dust man" comment. The rest comport themselves well, all making the typical statements according to their personalities that we've come to expect over the years. From George's bubbly self-promotion to Walter's morose musings on the smallness of his part, the gang's all here.


Rob Bignell said...

You've got to love Doohan's little dig, "Fans don't care how fat Shatner gets..."

While IV and I are my faves, I've always felt VI was the truest to what TOS was, primarily because the entire movie was a metaphor for an issue of its time: the end of the Cold War and how we nationally handle this transformation. Add the requisite sparring between the cast and a dramatic ending in which Kirk saves the day, and all we're missing are TOS' great primary colored uniforms. It was a fitting end to the series that took us through the Cold War to where no one has gone before.

Ron Albanese said...

Very interesting ... Shatner is odd and cryptic as usual, Doohan's comment about Shat's fat is funny and tasteless, and Takei, nauseating.