Thursday, October 16, 2008

1977 Article: Trek May Be Filmed

Clipped from the March 3, 1977 newpaper in Macon, GA.

Again one can see the difficulties they went through trying to get Star Trek revived in some form. These kind of articles came out with regularity every time the project went through some change or update. Back then the news seemed to come at a Denebian Slime Devil's pace, and I thought it would never happen.

The TV and movie star magazines quite often had articles and photos of interest to me, and I haunted the used bookstores for old issues. When I flipped through and found something like the photo above, I'd buy it, clip out the pages I wanted and throw away the rest.

Now, this... this was the way to do it! Appearing in August of 1976, the Star Trek Poster Magazine was the first monthly all-Trek magazine to be published (professionally and nationally, that is), and it was first-rate all the way. I lived for these issues and didn't miss one. I'll post covers from them from time to time as extras.
And just because I'm feeling good today (all the new released pics from the upcoming Star Trek movie by JJ Abrams are getting me excited), here's a hi-rez scan of a great photo of the good captain.
The Trek cover to the upcoming EW issue on Abram' new Trek. They do look the parts, don't they? It's too soon to tell, but I want to believe that come May 2009 we'll be able to say truly, "Star Trek Lives!!"

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