Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sherlock Spock and more

Some odds and ends this time, starting off with a short 1976 writeup from the Enquirer about Nimoy playing Sherlock; not too much of a stretch there, huh?

From the early 70's since he was doing the animated series at the time.

An ad from TV Guide around the early 90's.

From "Movieland" circa 1967. I somehow doubt they just "happened" to catch him reading their mag, don't you?

And finally, a stupid robber makes real Trek fans look bad. What kind of Trek "bomb" was he referring to? An anti-matter device like on "Obsession"? Or maybe "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier"?



Dane said...

Well, hello, fellow Trekkie! I'll be bookmarking this one. :)

Frederick said...


Glad you found me, thanks for commenting! Hope you do come back often.