Monday, January 18, 2010

1979 "Bananas" article on ST:TMP

From the collection cabinet this time we take out issue #33 of the Scholastic Books teen publication "Bananas," published in fall of 1979, which spotlighted the upcoming "Star Trek: The Motion Picture."
(Click on images to enlarge.)

Bonus: another of my photo humor pieces hopefully good for a chuckle or chortle.

Bonus #2: another of the crazily-captioned 1967 Leaf cards. It must have been fun to just make up stupid captions like they did!

Update: since the photo of the transporter accident spawned some discussion in the comments, I just had to post this cartoon dealing with the subject!


chunky B said...

The still from the transporter accident is very interesting, from what I remember of the movie you could never really make out the characters on the pad, just little cues. This must have been shot and then f/x laid in on top.

I always assumed the Vulcan was on the right of the screen, now I need to go back and re watch it.

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard at Garth!
Good Lord!!

Therin of Andor said...

chunky B: The transporter accident actors are clearly featured in a large colour photo in the Pocket Books Calendar for 1980, and also in a set of beautiful, captioned colour plates bound into UK and Australian editions (Futura, 1979) of the movie's novelization.

Frederick said...

Therin and Chunky,

I've seen that pic a number of times, but I think it must have been just a publicity photo, or an unused take. The actors were never really visible on the platform in the movie, except as an energy outline. Maybe they felt that seeing a partially formed person writhing in agony would be too much for the kiddies. Just hearing the line from the earth base, "what we got back... didn't live long... fortunately" was enough to make it horrible.

Frederick said...

But it would have been funny if they then said... "And they exploded!"

Ron Albanese said...

That's a first for me - that "transporter kill" still is great! Gonna hunt down a copy of that Bananas issue as well.