Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beam Me Up, Gorby!

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Scanned from my copy of the USA Weekend insert magazine, published November 29th, 1991, this writeup on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country was not an interview with Nimoy, but an article actually written by him. An interesting read and look back at the last original cast film.

Below, a clipping from a USA Snapshot feature on Spock's appearance on ST:TNG, mentioned in the article above and around the same time.

Next, a clipping from the local Ft. Lauderdale newspaper TV guide section about the episode.

Bonus content: Below, the cover of the ST Postcard book, a large-format publication that came out in 1977, and printed on glossy card stock. In it were 8 pages of detachable postcards, six per page, for a total of 48 different cards. Back in the day when photos from the series were hard to find, this was a great item!

Below: a cartoon scanned from a 1989 Starlog magazine that's good for a real chuckle. At least he finally did get to be a captain in ST 6 (and an episode of Voyager.)
More recognitions: I just discovered, way after the fact, that MovieSet has this blog at the number one spot on their list of top Trek blogs! Cool...

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Hi, short-time lurker, love all the vintage Trek memorabilia you post. On that note, I came across this repository I thought you might like:

Thanks for the Trek!