Friday, November 7, 2008

1976 Crawdaddy article

The road to new Star Trek was long and full of potholes. It's a miracle it ever happened! This article in the rock music magazine "Crawdaddy" reveals some of the problems and pitfalls that were hindering Trek from being revived on film.

As one who lived through as a fan those lean years between the end of the series and the beginning of the movies, finds like this were the only thing we had to look forward to from week to week. Looking back at them now, it's interesting to see it again as past history.


Nostalgic Gangsta said...

Great scans. I really dig your site. Keep it up.

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for Star Trek articles all week long.
Looking forward to the new trailer in 5 days!!!

Dane said...

I was 9 when ST:TNG came out, so I was really fortunate not to have to know that I was living through the "dry period."

May we never have to go through such a thing again!

Frederick said...

Hey, NG and Dane! Thanks for visiting, glad you are enjoying it.

And yes, the Decade Without New Star Trek was a tough time! :)

Jay said...

Re: Crawdaddy cover - "William Shatner's hair courtesy of the Don Post Studio"

Larry Nemecek said...

Wow, Fred, you have that Crawdaddy too. I glommed onto it somewhere ... never thought I'd see another one!