Friday, November 14, 2008

Parade Magazine ST:TMP cover article

From Ye Olde Collection Cabinets this time, is the ST:TMP cover story from the December 10, 1978 Parade magazine. This probably did more to make people aware of the coming movie than anything else did or could have because it went into so many households. You probably saw it and saved it, or at least remember it, if you lived during that time.
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Although "The Star" got the scoop on the first color pics in the article posted last time, this was the first major mainstream publication to do a cover feature with color photos on the new movie. I had seen a preview in Friday's edition of the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, that tipped me off to what was coming in the Sunday edition. So, prepared with that foreknowledge, I made a trip down to the drugstore on Sunday morning, December 10, 1978 to get several copies.

This was the most exciting thing that had come out about the movie so far, and I was thrilled beyond words. The fact that this was an event is demonstrated by the press coverage on the filming a full year away from the release. Below is the article that was inside. If you saw this years ago, I hope it brings back some memories. Some of that excitement is coming back now as the characters from the show are finding new life in the JJ Abrams movie, the trailer for which is now out and making waves, the like of which hasn't been seen since the days leading up to the unveiling of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I had a constant conflict with my stepfather over my Star Trek obsession. As a grade-school dropout who worked in road construction, he resented my more cerebral interests and love of books, and science fiction. But Star Trek was the focus of his scorn since it was my one true overarching hobby. I had to keep my collection items out of sight lest they become targets for destruction, as he knew that was the one area I was most vulnerable to harm in. A belting I could take, but threaten my books or magazines and you had me by the short hairs.

Once I made the trip to the drugstore that morning, I tossed the rest of the papers and smuggled the two copies of Parade magazine in under cover. He was reading the same paper that had been delivered to the house, and I could see the Parade cover plainly sitting in the "read" pile. I knew he was expecting me to salivate over it, and eagerly hope to secretly claim it when he was through with it. But having my copies already, that particular bit of tension was non-existent and I coolly walked on by. A little later I found that Parade magazine in the trash (although the rest of the paper was still on the living room sofa) with a pile of wet coffee grounds on top of it for good measure; an act that no doubt brought him satisfaction at my imagined disappointment.

Although saddened by the fact that someone who should have been on my side as a father acted like an enemy even in such small matters, I was inwardly chuckling because I had outfoxed him again. Instead of taking the opportunity to make me happy by bringing the article to my attention, he took the opportunity to try to make me unhappy. But I got it in spite of him, and he added yet another brick to the wall between us that would remain till he passed away years later.

Star Trek truly was the bright spot in an otherwise dark home life as I went through my teen years, and many of my good memories revolve around it.


Dane said...

How sad. I'm sorry to hear about your stepfather. I will never understand why some grown "adults" enjoy bullying and mistreating kids.

Frederick said...


Thanks for the comment! In my stepdad's case I think he felt intimidated by my bookishness (I was tested at a 12th grade reading level in the 5th grade), when he could hardly read. He felt he had to belittle me and my interests to make himself look superior.

But, I had look back on my young years with a lot of good memories that I made with my interests, and other relatives who knew what the score was and tried to make up for it when I came over. I overcame the bad with the good!

Patrick J. said...

So, what happened,if I may be so bold? Obviously, your stepdad is no longer with us. But, did your mom divorce him? You were your mom's flesh and blood; she should have taken your side, and not let him taunt you and worse over your hobbies. Obviously, she didn't or wouldn't. And if I may, where was your natural father in this?

Frederick said...

My mother never took up for me, as he intimidated her also, but she allowed me to watch the show when he was not home yet, and so on. She stayed with him until he passed away around 1993. I had been moved out and married since 1981. Thankfully he did not treated my younger (adopted) brother the same way and he had free rein to collect, watch TV and have friend over. I have no idea why that courtesy could not have been extended to me. My real Dad was never around, they told him to stay away and they moved constantly so he couldn't keep up with me. I finally looked him up when I was about 35 in 1994 and we have been good pals ever since.