Wednesday, November 5, 2008

1976 TV Movie Scene: ST Comes Back!

Love this rare behind-the-scenes shot of the crew having a laugh while rehearsing. (See bottom of this post for a color photo taken at the same time.)

Note the Don Post "Capt. Kirk" mask that Gene is posing with; that's one of the kind used for Michael Meyers in Halloween, just altered by being spray painted white with different hair added. I attribute Michael's ability to overcome knitting needles, coat hangers, butcher knives and six bullets to the Power of the Shat imparted by the mask.

The photo of Nichelle in her miniskirt and white go-go boots was exciting, because I have had a crush on her from the beginning. I loved that sassy pose!

Back in 1976, I was always on the hunt for ST-related items in any type of magazine. In Macon, GA where I lived (my hometown) there was a used bookstore downtown that I went to when I could. They had stacks of pre-read magazines of the tv/movie-fan sort, and they very often had ST articles and photos in them. A good part of my Star Trek scrapbook was from these sources, and one had a regular monthly ST photo as a feature, and that was always great to find. When it was a big article like this one, it was particularly exciting, especially when it talked about the possibility of Trek returning.

Not from the magazine, but found online, this awesome behind-the-scenes picture was taken during the same rehearsal as the one on the first page of the article. Nichelle is vamping it up here in a way I've never seen and I adore it. She seemed to be the life of the party that day! Here's a larger version, although darker.

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