Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clippings and Cards

(Click on images to view Shatner-ego-sized.)

Shatner was ticked that he wasn't allowed to say everyone else's lines in the shot.

Just some odds and ends today, gleaned from the scrapbook and collection cabinets.

See caption above.

Below, a smaller-format card that I got as a premium in something, I don't remember where; I only have a couple. This one is from an alternate take of Kirk's entry onto the bridge in ST:TMP, and frankly one I would have rather seen in the movie.

Kirk's reunion with his old shipmates was made even happier by the tray of breakfast pastries he brought with him.

Below is the first card in the Skybox Star Trek set released in 1993. Keith Birdsong's artwork graced many of them, and the crew portraits are stunning. I'll post more in future entries!

Kirk waxed eloquent about the stars with the beautiful blond passenger he couldn't remember ever having encountered before.


chunky B said...

I love the behind the scenes images. That 93 skybox card looks familiar, I think I might have that one laying around... I need to organize my collection better...

Frederick said...


yeah, I'm organizing mine better now that I'm going through it looking for fun stuff to share. Quite often a reader will see something he has in his own collection, but hasn't taken out in years... if my blog inspires one to get in the old stuff and go through it again for fun, I've done something! Alternatively, seeing them here can save one the trouble of getting them out again. Either way, it's all good!

Jay said...

Keith Birdsong was the Bob Peak of Star Trek novel covers. What great work. The likenesses were always spot on but there was always a romantic theatricality present as well. And do I remember correctly that he worked mostly in colored pencil? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else but that's how my neurons fired today.

CMX said...

I used to have many of the old cards, but all I have left are a handful of original Outer Limits cards.

Frederick said...


Those OL cards are really collector's items! Rare.

I have about 10 or so of the original Lost In Space cards from my childhood. OL was too scary for me to buy atthe time, when I was 5... just seeing the commercials on TV for the show almost me wet my pants! But I sure grew to love it later.

CMX said...

I should scan those OL cards.

I guess I was about 9 when Outer Limits first ran on ABC, and I totally bought into the fantasy of "taking control of the TV set", and used to tell friends that the show was soooooo weird and the creatures so bizarre because the show really WAS made by aliens and sent into our TV sets each week. A buddy and I used to run through the woods behind my house, with toy rayguns, chasing invisible creatures from another dimension. Oh, the imagination of us sci-fi kids! :)

Man, the sixties were great...we had Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Lost in Space, Star Trek, Batman, Green Hornet, Time Tunnel, The Invaders, and on and on...what great TV shows they all were!