Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cracked: Star Drek: The Moving Picture

Last time, as you recall (if not, read the last blog entry) I graciously posted a Cracked satire on Trekkers (and Lord knows we're pretty easy targets) which was in the back of issue #169 of Cracked, published July 1980. (I've also previously posted an earlier Cracked spoof on the original series, here.) As promised, here is the cover spoof on ST:TMP. Severin does his usual excellent job on the characters, and the art benefited from being done late enough for him to actually see the movie before doing the story, which is not usually the case. Very often a comic spoof bears little resemblence to the actual movie due to being rushed through based on a script synopsis and a few stills. His attention to ship and uniform details are all very well done, unlike most spoofs. Enjoy!
(Click to view V'ger-sized scans!)

Apparently J.J. Abrams was influenced by this cover.


Jay said...

I had that issue when I was a kid.

"So you canna see the wires too?"
That one stayed with me for some reason :)

Frederick said...


You mean you don't still have everything you ever got as a kid? :)

I can sure relate to having things as a kid that didn't survive. When I first started getting into monster magazines, about 10, I would cut them up with scissors and put the pictures I liked into my scrapbook. I kick myself now when I think of the issues I had and destroyed! Stupid kid!!

Jay said...

Frederick, if I had kept everything I had as a kid I would have missed out on the pleasure of buying back as an adult everything I didn't keep from when I was a kid. :)