Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's A Shock When Spock Visits Doc

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I can't say that this headline is any worse than the earlier posted "Mr. Spock Is Not In Hock," but it's pretty close. I suppose some other possibilities were "Mr. Spock Circles Block On Way To See Flock," or "Don't Mock Dr. Spock or He'll Clean Your Clock." These hack writers showed their attitude toward the show right up front, and I know the sensitive Mr. Nimoy must have winced and gritted his teeth when seeing some of these headlines after the interview.

"Oh, no! The hot Mr. Spock has hit his foot on a rock!" Nimoy considers running to hide when he sees the press coming to interview him.

Check out these candid photos of Leonard from 1968!


Nick Tierce said...

It's a shame the media has that attitude to Trek. I can understand it back then, but it hasn't changed much! Even with the new film, these journalists are abound with puns and potshots.

Fraser said...

Yes you are 10% right

Frederick said...


Thanks, at least I was 10% right, that's better than 90% wrong! :)

But I think I know what you meant to say...

Elana said...