Monday, May 18, 2009

Nimoy: Trek Will Surpass Star Wars

In this article clipped from the January 1980 issue of Movie Stars magazine, Nimoy was unduly optimistic about the quality of the movie, as history has shown. Although it was epic, and the effects top-notch, the movie was more like "2001" than "Star Wars" when it came to action.

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Sorry to say, Leonard, but... um, no.

Oh, and Rev. Kennedy? I want free answers, not questions.

(Sorry to say that I could not find the last page of this article. It's probably a small column, clipped and tucked somwhere among the rest, but I couldn't locate it. If I ever do find it, I'll post it! )

Below, the ad shows that the film was in it's sixth week, and was considered a hit. Although critically panned, and the slow-paced and derivitive story a disappointment to many, it did show that there was an audience demand for Trek movies. Another film was green-lighted, with a different director and Roddenberry invited to take a back seat. The situation could be compared to that of the pilots for the show; the first movie was more intellectual, like "The Cage," and the "Wrath of Khan" more action-oriented like "Where No Man Has Gone Before." And like the pilots, the second attempt saved the day and ensured the survival of the franchise.

It was in the sixth week and at this theater that I finally got to see the movie. Oh, and if you like old newpaper movie ads, check out my other blog: "Held Over!"

Below, Shatner and director Robert Wise share a laugh on the set.

"Yessiree, those silly fans are in for a real surprise!"

Below, the second in the Skybox Star Trek set.


Nick said...

GREAT analogy with the pilots/first two films. Even just dramatically, I prefer the second, in both instances.

Frederick said...


Me too. Although I like the first of each, the second of each are more like the Trek we know and love. And neither of them are short of intelligence and character... they just have more energy, fun and forward-moving plots.

Justin Lawton said...

I am SOOO lovin' this blog!!! It really takes me back.

Frederick said...


Thanks for visiting, and for commenting! Hope you come back often.

abs said...

Amazing blog. Where did you get all this info from. I was 9 when I first saw TMP at the cinema and complete awed by it. I wish i'd kept all my comics and other literature.

Frederick said...


Thanks for the kind comment! All of the material on the blog is scanned from my personal collection of stuff, things that I have saved since I was a kid. Glad you are enjoying see it, hope you come back and explore more in the future!