Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, George!

 Happy 76th birthday to George Takei, known to TOS fans everywhere as Hikaru Sulu! Mr. Sulu's professionalism, likeability, and many hobbies, such as botany, fencing, guns and more made him an interesting character. And George's outgoing personality and rapid-fire laugh made him a convention favorite of many fans! Below is an autographed photo I got from him by proxy while he was at a convention in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in the mid-70's. One guess as to why I missed the con!

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Anonymous said...

"One guess as to why I missed the con!"

it wouldnt be anything to do with your trek hating step-pop would it? (what an a**hole he was)

Frederick said...

You guessed it!

Anonymous said...

can you tell us why/how he stopped you from going?

Frederick said...

Just by being himself. The topic was touchy in our house, Star Trek was never discussed in anything other than argumentative slurs, so I knew better than to ask to go to a con. I didn't need to give him more to fuss at me about, so no need to ask and get into another one-sided argument. Same reason I had to sneak in my books and magazines then hide them at my Grandma's house whenever I went.

Anonymous said...

My parents took me to see both George and Walter at a Milwaukee con here in '78.. I have the exact SAME George pic, looks like SAME pen, everything.

I LOVE it, it was my first con, and was so surprised to have it in Milwaukee of all places..

Similar to you, I begged my parents 2yrs later to take me to Cleveland, OH for a Space:1999 con with Tate, Landau, and a bunch of the actors.., still so young, just a couple years after 1999 production ended. It would have been so very cool, but alas, my Trek con was still special.